Michael Konik - Blues Jam (with Charmaine Clamor and Mon David)

Here you have a video of one of our extraordinary artists. It is a chance for you to watch her performing live, if for some reason you missed out on seeing her for the first time. These videos make it easy to watch Charmaine using O2 BROADBAND, or any other internet connection, but she is the kind of artist who is great to see live, where you'll be sure to be blown away by her voice. Looking at this small, beautiful woman, you would not expect a voice like hers to come out.

Born in the Phillipines, Charmaine now lives in Hollywood where she is able to really hone her skills as an artist and make her amazing music. It is the mixture of the traditional Filipino folk songs with American Jazz and blues that she plays, which really draws in her fans. The genre Jazzipino, is not something you are going to want to miss out on seeing and hearing.